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Remember all the tiny details, forever

BABIES!! Nothing beats the smell of a newborn baby.

A newborn session takes place ideally within the first 2 weeks of life.
This is just a rough guide though. I know that babies throw a lot of spanners in the works and sometimes it's just not possible to get your newborns photos done straight away.
That's 100% ok, I just work in with you and we still get beautiful photos no matter what!


Newborn sessions can include the whole immediate family and Grandparents are always welcome as well.

Sessions are baby-led and can take anywhere between 2-4 hours long. If bubs needs a feed or a cuddle then we just stop and go with the flow.

I have a studio full of props, wraps and outfits for bubs and also for young siblings. If you have something special to your family like a blanket or shawl you'd like to include, I'd love for you to bring that along! Those can make some of the most treasured photos.




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