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brunette mum hugging blonde daughter at the beach at sunset photo shoot wearing white and pink
family of dad mum brother and younger sister sitting hugging smiling at beach sunset photo shoot
brunette mum smiling at son giving him a piggyback during beach sunset photo shoot

Hi! My name is Renee (Baby whisperer/putter-to-sleeper/cuddler)

I find so much joy in photographing children, capturing those first fleeting moments that go by so fast. Those first few moments, days, weeks and years can be such a blur.
Trust me, I remember the blur well! 

The blur is what prompted me to first pick up my camera and document those moments with my own kids. 

They are the moments that you want to, need to hold on forever. Especially when you are knee deep in toddler tantrums and three-nager antics. 

Let me help you capture them forever, so you can hold them in your hand and never forget just how tiny those fingers and toes were. 


I have 2 small people of my own (kids). They are 8 and (almost) 5 and keep me on my absolute tiptoes. Our family has just moved to Southland at the end of 2020, after living in the Far North for the last 15 years. 

I've been photographing tiny humans and their families for around 6 years now, although the passion for photography has been there a long, longtime. I just needed to have a baby of my own to focus on what bits I really love!
I've attended multiple newborn and maternity photography workshops both here in NZ and Australia, as well as being self-taught on a lot of things post-production because hey, who doesn't love an online class.


One big thing during our sessions I want you to know is that the safety of your baby is absolutely top priority. Always. There is nothing more important than your tiny human.

I'm a member of the NZIPP (NZ Institute of Professional Photography) and am endeavouring to challenge myself each year with entering national and international photography awards to try push myself into the uncomfortable and grow. 

Other than that I love cake and chai lattes and am trying to keep some plant babies alive despite my brown thumb!

Renee xx

Some of my recent award work

(because you know..proud!)

young blonde girl with curly hair having tea party on lawn interrupted by three white lambs upsetter her.
trampoline young boy and girl in swinsuits laughing with hand holding hose squirting them through netting openings
pregnant woman wearing white maternity dress sitting leaning against man hugging her with hands on belly green forrest
old man with hat standing in shed with lots of tools and treasures holding red brown chicken in his arms for portrait photo
three young sisters at beach wearing white and blue hugging laughing and holding youngest child up smiling
grey hair grandmother and young granddaughter in field of bluebells hugging looking at the camera
brunette young boy wearing white shirt in a green park staring moodily at camera
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