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Mum pregnant maternity bump photo pirate queen boho dress hands cradling belly

Maternity Sessions

Beautiful, timeless portraits to celebrate the amazing journey you are on

Congratulations! You're having a baby!!

How exciting! And nerve-wraking, tiring and all the in-between but also freaking AMAZING.

Let's celebrate that!

Let's create an heirloom portrait to capture you and your bump so you can look back and marvel at what your body went through to create this tiny life.

You are only pregnant for such a short time in your lifetime, let's make sure you have more to remember it by than just bathroom selfies on your phone.

The best time to take maternity photos is anywhere from approx 34 weeks on.

This is really flexible as we want to time it so your bump is bump-a-lious but you aren't so over it and tired that it's a chore.

A lot of people then ask "What do I even wear, I don't look good in any of my clothes now"
Don't worry, I have lots of beautiful studio maternity dresses that are available to use for your session.

There is also the add-on option to have your hair and makeup done for the session.

Because remember, we're celebrating you and I want you to feel your absolute best.

The session can just be with you or you are welcome to include your partner and other children.

Ready to check out how it all works? 

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