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Family Sessions

These are meant to be fun. We meet at a place that your family loves, maybe the beach (because what kid doesn't love the beach) and we have FUN.
I know I said that twice but I mean it. This is a session where you come together as a family and spend some quality time together.

And I capture that. I capture the cuddles, the splashes, the laughter.
We capture that photo of all of you smiling that Grandma will love. We capture the photo that shows each of your children's individual personalities.
We capture the LOVE.

These can be done in studio or out at a location.

If we do go outside then we can chat about what time of day suits your family best because whilst I prefer to shoot during the Golden Hour (last hour of light in the day) that can be too hard to do with little ones.

Ready to check out how it all works? 

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