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What's the best time to get newborn photos done?


I'm a true believer in it never being too late for something. You'll read around the place that newborn photography needs to be done within the first 5 days or the first 2 weeks etc. Sure, there is an ideal time to get those really curled up photos with tiny toes up by their heads ~ these are best done really early on as the baby is still very bendy and it can be done safely.

As babies grow older, they stop being so bendy and sleepy and are more interested in the world. So the older the baby, the more likely you'll get some very cute photos of them looking up at the camera, not just curled up asleep.

HAHA I'm going to put a disclaimer in here that not all babies follow this, some dance to their own beat!

But if you and baby have had to stay in hospital a little bit longer or maybe feeding isn't going to plan and the thought of actually leaving the house is just too hard, then there is no rush.

Your baby is still going to be tiny at 2 weeks, 4 weeks old or 6 weeks. We're going to get the most beautiful photos of that tiny human no matter what age!


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