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What if my newborn baby won't sleep for the photos?

I totally understand this thought! You've been up multiiipppllleeee times during the night, bubs is a bit grouchy and is cluster feeding and you've got their newborn photos booked that for that morning.

This is totally typical and not a problem! I probably say that a lot, but it really is. You can't ask a newborn to perform on demand. Actually saying that, you can't ask ANY kid to perform on demand lol.

All of those above behaviours is very normal and something I see most newborn sessions.

Once you are booked in for your newborn session, I will send you out a session guide. On it are a few tips/ideas to try do before your session to help it go swimmingly. This does not always go to plan! Haha, nothing with babies ever goes much to plan. So if the prep doesn't happen it doesn't happen. And that's ok!

When you arrive at the studio, I meet you all and then take bubs and have a little chat. You get to relax on the couch and bubs and I get to know each other just quietly. I can feel when I baby is starting to relax and then we start getting ready to begin. Sometimes bubs arrives asleep and we dive straight it. Other times I have a wee cuddle, wrap them and hand them back for a quick feed.

A newborn session is completely baby-led so it's very much go with the flow and the session goes off the baby's cues. There are many variations and things we can do.

We get amazing shots whether they are zonked out or determined to stay wide awake.

And you know, absolute worst-case scenario is if baby is super duper crazy unhappy and doesn't want a bar of being settled, then we simply reschedule. It's not a problem one little bit. We all have those days!

Renee x

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