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Hello! Welcome :D

Hey there! This is my very first blog post ever AAHHH! But I wanted to write a little bit of something to say this is me :)

So.... Hi! I'm Renee. I have 2 kids, 1 husband, 1 cat and 1 dog. I wish I had a rabbit but my husband has a firm dislike against them so we are still working on that one lol. Not a fan of coffee (at all) but lover of Chai and baking...oh the baking that's been happening over lockdown...scrolls and cakes and loaves....soo baddddd!

My photography journey started years ago when I took a big breathe, went into Harvey Norman one New Years eve and spent what felt like a lot of money on a Nikon kit set DSLR.

It was AWESOME. I loved it so much, especially the zoom lens that went to 200mm, I think I took a million and one photos of my nieces out surfing that summer.

Fast forward to having my first baby, Nikolai, in 2012 and I became obsessed with taking photos of him. We had got maternity and newborn photos done by an amazing photographer whom I still to this day completely idolise (sorry Jenna! hahaha) and the seeds of THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO were planted! One kids portrait day workshop later I was figuring out how to use manual on my camera and that I needed some different lens and the rest is basically history.

Miss Avelina came along in 2016 and this only intensified how much I wanted to be a photographer, how much I liked being able to work around my own family schedule and make it work for us.

So here I am, however many years later, still loving it.

My WHY hasn't changed a whole lot, it's still about being able to capture those memories, those amazing fleetly moments (especially with newborns!) that you never want to forget, and know families will be able to cherish them for years to come.


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